Thursday, February 26, 2009

tune in tokyo

some things i've been collecting in the past week
awesome art via nylon

a beautiful new designer lonely hearts i discovered via stompface 
nylon had a photo collection on the website about richmond, which is cool because i may be living there next year.  i half expected to see my friend adrian because she is so damn well dressed but i didn't...
the beautiful Leighton Meister via nylon (wayyyyy more gorgeous than Blake Lively!)

two cute girls from nylon
 a catch from le love


some great art!

a couple more pictures from mc chris night.
nylon featured Kristen Stewart this month!   ohhhhhh i cannot wait til new moon!  i don't care what anyone says, twilight is amazing and not at all shameful!  i am openly in love with Edward Cullen ( and Robert Pattinson - because if you didn't know he is not only an amazing actor but also a musician and he did two of the songs on the soundtrack)


Jack Daniel said...

who's the blonde girl with the striped sweater and the cup in her hand?

jules said...

oh anna- I jumped when i got my Nylon. I was soo happy! i was watching the oscars, and he was sitting right behind the guy from the wrestler, so there were a ton of shots of him. it was Amazing.

Dooder City said...

I don't know much about Twilight but I love kristin stewart...she is super cute. I also love the nylon photos.

Lo said...

I happen to love nylon and twilight and do not think that is something to be ashamed of. LOVE THEM.

legally stylish said...

love this collection of photos. i want to know who the girl is with the striped sweater too, she's gorg. also love nylon.. and discovered lonely hearts from stompface too<3 it's EFFING amaaaazing, i love it all. period. lelove is one of my fave blogs too<3

Anonymous said...

love the picture with the cigarettes!

Connie Hsiu said...

gosh i love how you mix fashion with dessert! i love it :)

and yes, nylon is indeed wonderful

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that :) i'm adding your blog to the list of blogs i'm following since i really like it, mostly due to the fact that your have your own style.

Mary said...

those typewriters are the best!!