Thursday, February 19, 2009

her head was up in space

completely random post.  just a compilation of things i have been thinking about and looking at lately.
this was Halloween 2 years ago.  i am the bug - by far the craziest outfit, i made the dress out of a pair of 70's disco pants, one leg for the dress and one to stuff two balloon up to make a tail.

some beautiful and intense make up.  i have been so lax on make up lately and i want to experiment more.

i am VERY ready to get back into my ciggy art.  i am only stopped by the fact that i lost my monkeys in a barrel container that i used to always use because it kept the smell out better than a plastic bag.
above is me and for some reason i thought the girl and i kind of had some similarities... except that she looks wayyyyyyy chicer than i ever hope to be.

just a few lovelies 

those two collages are ana's.  she is sooooo talented.
from le love.

below is my hair chronicle.  i have been wanting to do it for a long time.... and here it is.  it starts about 3 years ago when i was a sophomore.
bangs before i properly learned how to use a hair straightener 
after i learned
the braid stage
prom last year.  this was after i had decided to grow out my hair but it was still pretty short
early last summer julie gave me a hair wrap...i am itching for another one
this summer i perfected the art of making mustaches at governors school
au natural, this was on my birthday this year
i died it a couple of months ago
back to bangs ( i just realized that the only pictures i put up where i am with someone, it was mary, and we had really similar cuts both times... haha)
the effect of the teasing of my hair at sweet arts led to....
me dreading my hair!  ohh i am so excited!  i have been wanting to do this for such a long time and now i am finally doing it and it is actually looking pretty good.  


Connie Hsiu said...

i love the assorment of photos you, especially the first. you make a very cute bug :)

Dooder City said...

lovely compilation.

c kirley said...

love your blog!
such great collection of photographs and artwork

lilbent said...

Your Blog = My Jam


KK said...

Originales tes photos! :D

Mila said...

Sweetheart! <333
What an amazing made me so happy and smiling!
I love your selection of beautiful pictures...very inspiring, thanks dear!

And all the pictures of your hair: magnificent! Love your bangs and all the looks on you, pretty girl! :)

I wish i had that many pictures of my different hairstyles...



Fashionistadiary said...

hahah i love your hair diary!! it can take forever for hair to grow.. i went through the exact same thing. my hair is fairly long now but i want it to be longer.. pffff. wow dreads! good for you! i bet it will look amazing once youre done xo

Nice and Shiny said...

I like all thhe hiarstyle you've had, I bet dreads will look amazing! I've always wondered how people do them...

Cool pictures you've compiled here, I love snagging ones from Le Love :D