Friday, December 30, 2011

baby don't do it

i don't usually do beauty posts but i just thought i would do a little post of the beauty products i couldn't live without.  

urban decay big fatty mascara, of course.  it's the only mascara i've touched in years. 

 i love this cute beauty brand called love and toast.  their packaging is adorable and like urban decay, they don't use animal testing which is a must for me.  my favorite products of theirs are the lip balm pots, roller ball perfume and lotion.

and i'm completely addicted to the american apparel nail polishes.  they have great colors and they are some of the best polishes i've found for the best price.

any beauty products you couldn't live without?

Monday, December 26, 2011

fill me up and pour me out

these are some cupcakes i made recently
 this is my dog being really cute recently
these are the new ecote shoes i got for christmas
 and these are some new hankies for sale in my shop.  i'm doing "blow me" and "bless you" so now there is something for the vulgar and the polite.

i hope everyone is having lovely winter holidays.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

she brings her liquid straight to me

some new toast and love pieces

 this wallpaper is called "duck, duck,"

 this wallpaper is called "mind your peas and carrots"

 this piece doesn't have a name yet.

after i turn in my last paper tomorrow the fall semester of my junior year will be over.  woah.

going home to durham, north carolina for winter break and i can't wait to see what i've been missing in the durty.