Sunday, February 24, 2008

much better

me jules and margaret messing around before we went out...i brought candy from dolly's

yummyyyy, sundays and coloring ducks at elmo's

to get pumped up for the party we went to the field and danced in the parking lot with the music from the car...a couple people looked at us funny...i wonder why

tko was the most fun i've had in a looong time, it totally cheered me up and we saw the coolest people. when we walked in they were playing your kisses are wasted on me and it was like, oh my god people just like me do exist. i loved it. poor jules though, she really wanted to leave at one point but i just couldn't walk out on blondie or tegan and sara. we're gonna become regulars. it's been decided.

Friday, February 22, 2008

across the everything

everything is just so poopy lately. i feel like the world is out of focus. or at least the way i see it. and i can't tell whether it is boys, art teachers squeezing out my creativity, or our new and surreal building at school.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

morning after breath room cat

nice bra kathleen


julie's room was pretty messy when we left it. i felt pretty bad...

heal queen

back at jules after sh. milk+half a chocolate cake+whipped cream+extra icing+interview=another food baby. ew.

sadie sadie sadie

me jules and kathleeny getting ready for sadie hawkins. music+pizza+candy=bouncy food babies

shake shake

basic that was last weekend and one of the best ice skating times i've ever had...despite the fact that 3 people out of like everyone we knew came...but it was still awesome!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

please do not recycle candy wrappers

jules and i at a swim meet a LONGGGGG time ago
my fabby new wall stickers
my tots cute valentines for tomorrow

today was really weird. fights, cars, awks, puddles, making up, full, science recycled...i could go on for hours, today just sucked.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

so i got married last night...

the event

awesome dude kathleen's photo
my doll
one of julie's drawings (of us!)

sweet arts was amazing. we all, aka me, jules, mary, and kathleen, had the best time ever. we finally did the bride theme that mary and i have been talking about forever. we got our dresses at grannies panties and then just rolled up looking like brides. it was awesome. poeple started taking pictures of us right away and before the night was over we had be photographed and interviewed for the durham newpaper and a new durham magazine and had talked to everyone in the place. they all wanted to know what the deal was. we're the cheese is what. it was just sooo much fun i don't even understand...i can't wait til next year. i think our theme is going to be 1960's love doctors!!!