Sunday, November 29, 2009

that's where the trouble starts

a new film i made by banging on an old computer monitor i found in my school hallways. the soundtrack is all animal collective, mixed by me!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gemme a break, a little escape

an urban outfitters wish lust gone awry:

*note of excitement: in approximately 20 minutes a cab will arrive to take me to the airport to meet my parents who i haven't seen in months and we will drive up to our family friends' house for thanksgiving festivities. i can't wait.

hope you all have a lovely holiday!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

so i returned all your leters

(some shots from my amazingly talented roommate's egg project in her drawing class)

this last week of school before thanksgiving break as been death. it just sucks because i know that i could be doing so much better on all of my work if i only had time. but everything is so tight. overall though, things are REALLY GOOD. people here make me happy for the most part and i get to see my parents soon. plus, real food will enter my life soon. and i can't wait for that. death to cafeterias.

Friday, November 6, 2009

you think you got it, oh you think you got it

finally used the computer lab to get all my pictures from the past couple of weeks off my camera.
from now on i'm going to try to include one of my friends tags in each of my posts. they are all so talented.
blanca found this sketchbook in the woodshop.

some shots from after the cia halloween party.

the night of me and crissy's thursday adventure. it was such a mystery.
we read every page
and called a bunch of numbers in it.
but no one we talked to knew about the book we found at the lagoon.

but finally the next morning i did some more research
and figured out that one of the names in the book was ryan something and he was leading this tour bus that travels around the country and and records teenagers music on the bus.
and the bus was going to be at CIA and open for tours that day during my lunch break!
so crissy and i documented the whole thing and then went over.
we got on the bus.
asked for ryan.
and showed him the book to see if it was his.
turns out it is the bus book for kids to write music in!
and that's why there were so many different handwritings in the book.
these guys kurt and mike were so nice. they were both from california and we talked to them on the phone.

my favorite page

Ryan! these were the notes someone took when he was interviewed for his job.

we really loved this lyric and they played us the video of the girl singing this song!

basically it was a really cool and surreal experience. it felt like i solved a mystery.

i just wrote a paper on this artist stefan sagmeister. i just adore this piece.