Thursday, April 15, 2010

throwing stones, rolling home

my new daily wearables.

my clay project. 3 sets of 3 cups, one in each size for B.A.M.

my lung finished and nicely photographed this time. no plant still...
i keep repeating a couple quotes and fortunes to myself. they help a lot.

"she turns her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans" - kobi yamada

"the best memory is one trained to forget the trivial" - fortune cookie

sometimes it's harder to live your life the way you want to when you have such ideas about how you want to live it. but bad things happen to me when i flounder. sometimes i feel like noodles lately. mostly good noodles though, so i don't really mind.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

she's not staying, she's just passing through

our new saturday routine is going to the west side market and sometimes the glass blowing shop that is open to the public. totally ruff and tumble and totally awesome.

then we explore andy's house and cook awesome food.

things are nice and simple.

and also getting so close to the end, the work is piling up!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

if i ever leave this world alive

some recent art
this piece was a support structure for your head during the child pose in yoga

3D drawings, interior and exterior studies

this piece is still a work in progress but i am very excited about it.
the idea is a symbiotic relationship between humans and cultivated plants. there is currently a pea plant growing in the glass lung that i blew (with help from a friend) and later there will be tubes going from the top of the lung into my nose and mouth. so as i breath CO2 into the lung the plant creates oxygen which i breath in through my nose.

i'll post pictures of the final product. it's one of my favorite pieces this whole year!

and how crazy, i only have 3 more weeks of class including this one, then one week of exams, and then one week of BFA presentations and then summmmmmmer!