Monday, May 31, 2010

what's the point in fighting when we're down?

i've been watching some amazing documentaries about art lately.
saw this with my parents yesterday and totally loved it. the best parts were just the raw footage of the artists working. then it got hilarious when "mr. brain wash" put on his show, and i mean hilarious. this guy is a total joke.
this documentary focuses on the people involved with the Alleged Gallery in NY in the 1990's as well as a lot of street and film artists. loved it!
and this adorable movie about these two adorable art collectors was so inspiring and really made me want to continue collecting art. although i'm sure i will never be able to do so on the same scale as they did, i am in the perfect position to collect from all the people i go to school with for free, and i'm sure some of them will be famous one day.

so i get my cast off (hopefully!) a week from wednesday. literally all i've been doing with my time has been knitting while watching a sickening number of movies on netflix, going to work, and seeing friends whenever i can get a ride. not driving sucks.

but i'm seeing camera obscura in two days and i cannnnnot wait! 4th time seeing them!

Monday, May 24, 2010

i think i smell your brain cells frying

today was a day have been planning for since i was 16 or younger
i got my tattoooooo!
julie accompanied me of course, and took loads of pictures of course
i got it done at dogstar by will
i was very nervous even though i didn't want to admit it
and even though it hurt,
it wasn't bad at all
and it was over in no time
and i must say that i am 100% happy about it.

me + this dino = true love

Monday, May 17, 2010

take me as i am, forget you

just a silly post of a few quite hilarious photo booth pictures i just came across of the house girls

this is what we have in store for us everyday next year... and i CAN'T WAIT!

roomie love

also a few pics from the last few days at school. of course there was cornhole.

a head start on my summer fashion plans including crop tops,
and bomb ass kicks for hot and sweaty days.

i'm treating this first month of summer which i will be mostly spending knitting and keeping my foot elevated, working at Dolly's, sleeping over with Julie and Xan, and getting my tattoo, as a preparatory period for the rest of summer. as soon as this stupid cast comes off i'm hitting the eno, going record shopping, vintage shopping, and driving anywhere i want to go!

(ps. my tattoo? the dino on the header of this very blog!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


First off I just want to say how happy and thankful I am to have such lovely people reading my silly little blog. I love having this medium to share happy, and sometimes not so happy things about my life. Having other bloggers from around the world share their insights and feelings back is extremely rewarding.

And now... I'm starting a new blog. It's called Diary of a Guerilla Gardener and I hope you will all visit it. It's just getting started so give it a chance to take off... I was inspired to start this blog and this project by my final project in my 3D design class last semester at school. For our kinetics project I ended up taking over an overgrown space in Cleveland. I knitted over 20 little colorful pouches and hung them in the trees and bushes in the space. Inside the pouches I slipped little seed bombs that I mixed up. The "bombs" will eventually fall out of the pouches and grow wildflowers where they fall.

Now that I'm home for the summer, and currently am stuck in bed with a broken foot, I'm knitting up a storm and working on new patterns and further ideas for guerilla gardening so I decided to start a blog to mark my progress. Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

looking for some feeling

steph drove the house girls to the beach yesterday.
we were all shocked and excited for the unexpected beachiness.

we had a lovely time practicing our orant poses,
and other art history ancient-1500 poses.

the best moment was when we watched a little baby otter grab a fish and scamper among the rocks.

lion king re-enactment
more orant

tonight is my last night in the dorms. blanca and i are all packed and we just have the bare necessities such as indian food, yogurt, apple sauce, and kiwis. all of our stuff has been moved into the basement of our house. i'm freaking out on so many levels. this doesn't seem real. and it doesn't seem fair. and then it seems like the best thing ever.

i guess i'll have to wait to find out.

Monday, May 3, 2010

i shouldn't go but i can't really help it

finals are over
and i've entered BFA week,
aka: week of amazing fun!
i've become so much closer to some of my taplin family members.
especially those who i am living with next year!
sometimes things are incredibly blissful,
but i won't lie,
things aren't all

inflatable fun.
i'm going home in 5 days and i can't believe it.
back in the durty with all my lovelies.
for now i'm trying to enjoy every last minute here.
these images are taken by blanca and mads
from our school function, the pink pig.
at which there are no pink pigs.


boy of the future in action.
sassy pants.

some strange ohio game called corn hole or something gross like that.
turns out i am very good at it and cara tried to kill me.
i've officially finished my freshman year of college, i am not ready to make any serious judgements, however i think it's safe to say that it was an amazing year, despite some not so amazing things that happened. and as a great close to the year BAM all got huge scholarships from the school. Blanca got the metals scholarship, I got the ceramics scholarship and an honorary scholarship, and Mads got the glass scholarship. our jury certainly respected the trinity.
still, i can't believe that this time is over and i'm feeling sentimental and silly.