Monday, May 31, 2010

what's the point in fighting when we're down?

i've been watching some amazing documentaries about art lately.
saw this with my parents yesterday and totally loved it. the best parts were just the raw footage of the artists working. then it got hilarious when "mr. brain wash" put on his show, and i mean hilarious. this guy is a total joke.
this documentary focuses on the people involved with the Alleged Gallery in NY in the 1990's as well as a lot of street and film artists. loved it!
and this adorable movie about these two adorable art collectors was so inspiring and really made me want to continue collecting art. although i'm sure i will never be able to do so on the same scale as they did, i am in the perfect position to collect from all the people i go to school with for free, and i'm sure some of them will be famous one day.

so i get my cast off (hopefully!) a week from wednesday. literally all i've been doing with my time has been knitting while watching a sickening number of movies on netflix, going to work, and seeing friends whenever i can get a ride. not driving sucks.

but i'm seeing camera obscura in two days and i cannnnnot wait! 4th time seeing them!


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Away with the fairy's said...

Will have to check some of these out! just dicovered your blog! truly awesome! will be following for sure!

p.s i want that tattoo!