Monday, May 24, 2010

i think i smell your brain cells frying

today was a day have been planning for since i was 16 or younger
i got my tattoooooo!
julie accompanied me of course, and took loads of pictures of course
i got it done at dogstar by will
i was very nervous even though i didn't want to admit it
and even though it hurt,
it wasn't bad at all
and it was over in no time
and i must say that i am 100% happy about it.

me + this dino = true love


Anonymous said...

oh wow i wouldn't have the guts-i'd be too nervous. it's cute though!

Clare said...

wow you are so brave i could never get a tattoo. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

it looks so awesome! :))

electric feel said...

1. amazing tatt
2. i want one too
3. the guy, who did this masterpiece looks hot ;)

little shadow said...

Awww its so adorable.
I admire you for getting it done, I'm scared of tattoos, haha!
It really suits you as well.

Googlover said...

I second the hottest statement from electric feel. Also, the tatt is super. That needle look really long. I heard it is like a hard scratch. Still not convinced.

Amanda said...

wowowoww. that tattoo is super cute! although i still haven't worked up the guts to 1/ commit to a tattoo i want and 2/ going through with the pain ><

Rianna Bethany said...

amazing tattoo!!!
Looks incredible
Rianna xxxxx

Stace said...

I know everyone said this, but wow you are so brave!
it looks good :)

Grace said...

I love it!! I want a tattoo so badly but im such a baby!
Yours looks so great and your a champ for the pain!

charlotte lucy said...

oh it looks great! you look like you're asleep in some of those photos, did you feel proud after you walked out the door? like you have a new baby or something...i did :) i remember being on a total high all day