Monday, May 17, 2010

take me as i am, forget you

just a silly post of a few quite hilarious photo booth pictures i just came across of the house girls

this is what we have in store for us everyday next year... and i CAN'T WAIT!

roomie love

also a few pics from the last few days at school. of course there was cornhole.

a head start on my summer fashion plans including crop tops,
and bomb ass kicks for hot and sweaty days.

i'm treating this first month of summer which i will be mostly spending knitting and keeping my foot elevated, working at Dolly's, sleeping over with Julie and Xan, and getting my tattoo, as a preparatory period for the rest of summer. as soon as this stupid cast comes off i'm hitting the eno, going record shopping, vintage shopping, and driving anywhere i want to go!

(ps. my tattoo? the dino on the header of this very blog!)


blanca rosa. said...

i lovee thisssssss, and youuu.

lilbent said...

I'm so glad your plans involve sleepovers at my house, because I am one million kinds of glad to have you home!!!! lovely pictures darling, and I will see you tonight!!

charlotte lucy said...

i was about to comment on your header, and then saw your getting it tattooed, EPIC!


Wise Take said...

hhaha silly.

Georgina said...

CUTE BLOG!I love it! If you read my last post you might understand why do I like your blog sooo much!




Anonymous said...


bekster said...

hehehe crop tops definitely! :)

Phuong said...

very cute pictures, looks like much fun!