Friday, October 30, 2009

there was an old lady in the village

my camera cord was driven away... so pictures from my life will be absent for a while. but here are some inspirations from elsewhere.

all i can think about these days is how i will decorate my apartment next year. just decided i neeeed a cloud on my wall.... and of course cotton ball clouds will hang from my ceiling above my bed like in the science of sleep. greatest movie ever.

i'm thinking i might want my bedroom to be completely white
or at least really simple

i know that i want a wall of broken TV's so i can make my crazy videos

i also know that i want an open display for all my clothes

i'll need a great work space and loads of bookshelves.

(loveology )
(yvan) i also want to have all my new friends tag a giant board in my house.

blanca recently introduced me to the magic that is Candy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dead sound, dead sound

last saturday was the school's halloween party

i was a ballerina and blanca a garden gnome

evidence that i finally met my dready hero
just stamp my hands mb so i can go in!

last thursday crissy took me on the adventure of a lifetime

i climbed into a fountain

and into a dumpster to find a crate and barrel arm chair for crissy's spare room

two saturday's ago

for reasons i do not care to admit

because you see, these reasons no longer stand.

even though, the morning after i did find a car parked on the sidewalk...
these are long lost shots from prom 2008
i miss those times.

they were different than these current ones.