Sunday, January 4, 2015

"When I Lose My Grip" Performance Stills

These photographs we all taken by my friend and Durham-based photographer Eleanor Mills.  

Less than two months after my solo show at the Carrack I was lucky enough to receive another solo show at the Scrap Exchange, an incredible Durham re-use organization. Every year the Scrap does this  great event on Black Friday called Smashfest. Everyone hangs out, drinks beer and breaks pottery in the parking lot behind the store. I proposed a show and performance in conjunction with their event. I hung an abbreviated version of my wallpaper tiles in a linear organization and then on the day of Smashfest I led my performance "When I Lose My Grip." Those who wanted to participate came into the gallery and I asked them to select a tile from the wall, blindfold themselves, and then consecutively drop their tile. It is a sound performance and so participants have to navigate the decision of when they think it is their turn to drop their tile. I was so happy with the result and I love these stills of the performance.  It's funny looking at people do such a strange thing without the use of sight. I have video of the event so hopefully I'll share that soon!