Saturday, June 14, 2008

oh myyyy

so i'm off for governor's school tomorrow with no access to a computer!!! but i'll have my camera and a three day break after the first three goodbye until around the 4th!

maybe they won't notice

had to say goodbye to marianna today. who knows when i'll see her again...boohoo. but we had a great time yesterday and today. we tried to have a night out on the town because i just got my after nine but we couldn't figure out what to do so we just went home and watched movies. and went to the farmers market in the early mornin.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

vacation part 7: ps

number one...opps for that last post

number two...if you want to enjoy my vacation in the correct (and i'm sure you do) order i suggest that you scroll down to the beginning and start with vacation part one and work your way up

vacation part

vacation part 6: darien

cool old building

a real live "gator"
inside of a gutted building
k being cute at the b and b we've gone to for 8 years


vacation part 5: on the road again


on the way to darien it rained...a lot...

vacation part 4: at grandma's in fl

my new aa bathing suit!

one of us luuuvvvs the beach and one of us can't stand getting water in her eyes...guess who
chillin at my gma's pool

get those jazz hands kathleens
my gma played some keyboard for us...nice

vacation part 3: videos in fl (part 3)

and again

vacation part 3: videos in fl (part 2)

that statement still stands

vacation part 3: videos in fl (part 1)

no judging's summer vacation and we had to go a little crazy

vacation part 2: savannah

run down building near our hotel


cool retro theaters
art exhibit at scad

always a blast including a trip to american apparel and the waterfront and this was no exception..except that it included some surprise guests such as marc jacobs (the store) and john galliano (the art show)

vacation part 1: on the road

we always stop at this nature reserve for lunch on the way
k, who had never been was very impressed with the indian burial mound...

kath, mom, and i begin our epic (maybe) first trip of summer vacation. timeline = one night in savannah ga, then down to palm shores fl where my grandparents live for three nights, then back up to darien ga for the last night before home. and i must say the whole thing was a total blast!

now i have like two days to say goodbye to marianna for maybe ever (but hopefully just for a really long time) and to get ready for gov school...and julie isn't even home!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

my first my last my everything

r's party was amazing. it was much smaller than anticipated but everyone who came had an amazing time and i got to hang out with people i usually don't and i tried some new things...
bye rukhsona i'll miss you while you're in russia!

k opening my present to her


the homeless cart video

j and s talking about some guy they met i guess...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

kath's birthday bash + skools out

it was a day for excitement as you can see from k and s


i'm so happy i can hardly believe it but today was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

after the last exam we went to the wall and had kathleens 17th birthday tea party thingy. it was really nice...and in a few hours i go to nhs initiation and then to ruhksona's end of the year party (if i spelled your name wrong babe i am soooo sorry)
oh dear i've lost track of time so more later instead of now...