Tuesday, July 29, 2008

him and me

j and i went to she and him at the cradle last night...AWESOME. awesome. we actually saw zooey in weaver street before the show. and they played so well. she was just so beautiful and so was the music that i really thought i was going to cry several times.
there was a no picture rule though, which is why i don't have any.

the last week

ian on the art sofa
durga, kels, kate, and me before the last dance
after the dance...gross right, but i had the most amazing time ever. kate and i just totally rocked out and had a blast.
my area three on the last day of camp ever...i'm thinking some of us didn't get much sleep on friday night.

in plain sight...dorm life

kate after a nap

we did face masks and kate's was clear...very strange, it looked like she slathered vaseline all over her face.
jane and abby
mary b, kels, ian, abby

asia, mary b, ian, kels

this was a super fun day in the back art room. ian, kels, and i made a giant paper airplane and flew it around, and all the girls played dress up with all the leftover dresses from the dress sale gse had.

Monday, July 28, 2008

the outdoors

baby birds in the boob of a chicken wire sculpture on campus

an epic tug of war battle between the floors
crazy crow eating an apple


some of the elvi from the second instrumental concert that kate missed because of her strange back issues...bohoo

kate before her small ensemble concert. go kate!

before and after

see how happy we looked before

and after... disappointment central

hmmmmm...yeah the mascaraed was not fun. mostly because i had a slight fashion disaster if you know what i mean... teasing my hair was also fun, getting it out was not.

you know

the progression of me and kate's hair and makeup for the mascaraed ball...she was posh spice and i was marie antoinette

Sunday, July 27, 2008

art opening!!!

me and kels
the durg
libby and people

the opening went soooo well. it seemed like all 400 students came it was so packed. i got to talk to people about my cigarettes which was super cool because some people really seemed interested. all of the art was way better for the second opening, and bigger because a lot was 3d so i guess that made a big difference in impact. basically it went really well.

angels in the art gallery

abby and i did a mini photo shoot of her beautiful deconstructed dress before we put it up

art before our last opening

abby's dress piece that she gave to me. wowo!

me decorating my new headphones
sam's installation


my two cigarette pieces


my portion of the installation abby had me help with


kels in the hall

asia's start of her grouping of sketches (there was one of me!)