Thursday, July 3, 2008

frosted woofer

grayson and julia
julia drew everyone's first letter on their wrist
julia, luca, and libby (most amazing voice EVER...she WILL be famous)
luca, libby, julia

pure sex appeal...i know

freakiest thing ever!!! one day about a week into camp kate and i found this written on our bathroom door mirror and no one we asked did it...creepy
kenzie before the first dance
kate before the first my dress
kelsey before the first dance

kate on the way out one morning
kenzie in kate's bra...with cell phone

amazing sculpture made from only newspaper

cute little house...when you sit inside with the doors closed the patterns of the trees fall on the ground from a tiny hole in the top

all from an extremely long and hot "nature walk" to the north carolina art museum. it was cool though, lots of amazing outdoor sculpture...

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