Thursday, January 31, 2008

do you need a paper bag?

blogspot just deleated this whole entry...anger...more anger...
i refuse to remember it...but everyone should listen to this song anyways...HOLD MUSIC by ARCHIITECTURE IN HELSINKI. kk? k.

more anger...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

pretzels, crumbs, and omnivores oh my

dollar store finds...holler.

jules and i being bored before the party

julie and i trying to spy on her neighbors before the party...we were very bored.

so jules and i threw an end of midterms party at her house on friday. it was a total blast...even though no one spent the night cause we only invited like the swim team people and they had swim stuff to do in the morning...but we had little debbie cakes, candy hearts, pixie sticks, and pretzels of course because no party is complete with out them, plus my tots brilliant mix that despite it's obvious brilliance, no one seemed to like...boohoohoo. oh well julie and i loved it. oh and we played twister, actually i didn't, but i filmed it cause i'm cool. and we did a snow dance that tots worked cause on saturday it totally snowed and was awesome. except that it was only like one inch. no complaints though. i LOVE SNOW! by the way...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

no go no snow

so i woke up this morning to my alarm clock and my mom came in and told me we had a two hour delay because of slick roads this morning. classic. no snow and still we get a delay. so i went back to sleep and dreamt of snow...i woke up and went downstairs and looked out the window to my backyard and it was so beautiful. the trees looked really black next to the snow which was piled on at least three inches thick. then i was back upstairs and i looked out the window to see a boy in my front yard dressed in spring clothes. he kept picking up the huge snowflakes and throwing them into the air. but it wasn't snow it was like the cotton ball clouds in the science of sleep. then i saw my dad dragging my car up to the road with one hand. but it wasn't a real car it was more like one of those kid toys where you peddle with your feet...i really liked my dream even though i thought i woke up to my mom yelling about how my dog had puked again. but when i asked her she said wikki had never puked and she hadn't even yelled when she got up on the counter and ate my pills and napkin...strange.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

thanks for the face, hunter

only one more exam to go and so i had a free moment today to check out face hunter aka my love, only to find pictures of two girls who i think kind of optimize a combination of me and julie's looks. this girl even has glasses that look a lot like mine. although i'm not sure either of us would wear the head scarf thingy...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

every time this year

midterms are next week...i hope this is a good enough explanation.
poor jules had mouth surgery today and the megister is having surgery tomorrow. get well soon girlies. you have to be well for the post exam 4 DAY WEEKEND!!! i'm just a little excited...

Friday, January 4, 2008


these are just a couple of the bands i've been listening to...

this of course isn't all of them and they aren't in any sort of order. and some of them i'm always listening of montreal, georgie james, the icicles, the rosebuds, and the weepies. but most of the others are bands that i've recently gotten into. luego is a local band and the lead singer actually works with my mom...and care bears on fire are like 2 years old. btw.

calling all geeks, nerds, and tech

so i meant for this to be a blog about fashion and music but as i do not know how to use a camera or computer properly this is sure to turn into a blog ranting about how i hate all things with buttons and instruction manuals written by people who don't speak english properly.
so i, well my mom, recently bought a digital camera so she could take pictures of my artwork and sometimes i commandeer it for my very limited blogging uses. but now it has run out of batteries and thanks to an upbringing of ipods where all you have to do is plug the tiny thing in and let it go, i have no clue how to charge it. and why shouldn't it just charge when i plug it in? how else am i supposed to do it? so this is a plea for help, maybe i just need a house cleaner (or my mother) to tell me where the instructions are) or maybe what i really need is someone who can show me how to work the stupid thing. because honestly even uploading my few pictures is a total chore, and sometimes i think i have it and my pictures are nowhere to be found...

besides this i tots saw juno tonight with 5 great friends and it was a total blast. i feel like the girls never get together anymore unless we're at a party. so, yeah, it was really nice.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

show me more show me more

just a couple more from new years eve and new years day on the way home. jules took these on her new polaroid!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

oh yeah happy new years and all that too!

woot woot bang bang

a new years tooter thingy or whatever its called NOT something illegal for us 17 and under crowd... you know what this is???
the boyzzzzzzzzzz being anti-social as usual...
my mommies grungy boots that i became mine even though she threatens to take them back if i don't tie and buckle them
a dancing queen

jules and i getting ready...aka sitting on our butts watching some crappy movie

so i went to an absolutely amazing new years party at margaret's and had tots fabby time. it was def one of the most fun and memorable parties i've ever been to. just lots of dancing, twister (which i beast at), air hockey (which i beast at), and marie antoinette (which i brought). basic. jules and i were the life of the party and we brought the best music. before we rescued them they were playing like soldier boy and gross stuff like that. yucky. i may be a music snobbbb...but who cares, it means i have the best music!