Thursday, January 17, 2008

no go no snow

so i woke up this morning to my alarm clock and my mom came in and told me we had a two hour delay because of slick roads this morning. classic. no snow and still we get a delay. so i went back to sleep and dreamt of snow...i woke up and went downstairs and looked out the window to my backyard and it was so beautiful. the trees looked really black next to the snow which was piled on at least three inches thick. then i was back upstairs and i looked out the window to see a boy in my front yard dressed in spring clothes. he kept picking up the huge snowflakes and throwing them into the air. but it wasn't snow it was like the cotton ball clouds in the science of sleep. then i saw my dad dragging my car up to the road with one hand. but it wasn't a real car it was more like one of those kid toys where you peddle with your feet...i really liked my dream even though i thought i woke up to my mom yelling about how my dog had puked again. but when i asked her she said wikki had never puked and she hadn't even yelled when she got up on the counter and ate my pills and napkin...strange.

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