Tuesday, January 1, 2008

woot woot bang bang

a new years tooter thingy or whatever its called NOT something illegal for us 17 and under crowd...
ummm...do you know what this is???
the boyzzzzzzzzzz being anti-social as usual...
my mommies grungy boots that i became mine even though she threatens to take them back if i don't tie and buckle them
a dancing queen

jules and i getting ready...aka sitting on our butts watching some crappy movie

so i went to an absolutely amazing new years party at margaret's and had tots fabby time. it was def one of the most fun and memorable parties i've ever been to. just lots of dancing, twister (which i beast at), air hockey (which i beast at), and marie antoinette (which i brought). basic. jules and i were the life of the party and we brought the best music. before we rescued them they were playing like soldier boy and gross stuff like that. yucky. i may be a music snobbbb...but who cares, it means i have the best music!

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