Friday, January 4, 2008

calling all geeks, nerds, and tech

so i meant for this to be a blog about fashion and music but as i do not know how to use a camera or computer properly this is sure to turn into a blog ranting about how i hate all things with buttons and instruction manuals written by people who don't speak english properly.
so i, well my mom, recently bought a digital camera so she could take pictures of my artwork and sometimes i commandeer it for my very limited blogging uses. but now it has run out of batteries and thanks to an upbringing of ipods where all you have to do is plug the tiny thing in and let it go, i have no clue how to charge it. and why shouldn't it just charge when i plug it in? how else am i supposed to do it? so this is a plea for help, maybe i just need a house cleaner (or my mother) to tell me where the instructions are) or maybe what i really need is someone who can show me how to work the stupid thing. because honestly even uploading my few pictures is a total chore, and sometimes i think i have it and my pictures are nowhere to be found...

besides this i tots saw juno tonight with 5 great friends and it was a total blast. i feel like the girls never get together anymore unless we're at a party. so, yeah, it was really nice.

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