Sunday, January 20, 2008

pretzels, crumbs, and omnivores oh my

dollar store finds...holler.

jules and i being bored before the party

julie and i trying to spy on her neighbors before the party...we were very bored.

so jules and i threw an end of midterms party at her house on friday. it was a total blast...even though no one spent the night cause we only invited like the swim team people and they had swim stuff to do in the morning...but we had little debbie cakes, candy hearts, pixie sticks, and pretzels of course because no party is complete with out them, plus my tots brilliant mix that despite it's obvious brilliance, no one seemed to like...boohoohoo. oh well julie and i loved it. oh and we played twister, actually i didn't, but i filmed it cause i'm cool. and we did a snow dance that tots worked cause on saturday it totally snowed and was awesome. except that it was only like one inch. no complaints though. i LOVE SNOW! by the way...

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Kathleeniekns said...

Hey! I wasn't invited to your end o' midterms party! I bet it sucked without me.