Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ferd and fred

most amazing thing to ever exist.

he stayed

my favorite found photograph of all time.

he waited

the outcome of julie's shoot!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

the back details

went up to Richmond to visit Adrian on Saturday night.  we got all dressed up with her room mate molly to go to an 80's party.  but that was lame so went ended up going to the cast party for black comedy.  which was a lot of fun...and only one person found out i was still in high school.

adrian and molly pretending to be cool...cause they are!
hot make up
queen molly

sing along time


Friday, September 26, 2008

hit the hearstrings

julie had me help her do a photo shoot for her photography class.  i was a bride left at the alter.  these aren't the real shots these were just the ones we took afterwards on my digital camera.  hopefully i can get some of the serious ones soon...

the dress amy got me for my birthday.
the artistic genius.

public affair

saw the virgins and the black kids last night at the cradle...at midnight it was my 18th birthday!

in between songs j yelled out to donald (who was right f-ing in front of us) that it was my birthday...he proceeded to ask my name and then announce the fact on the mic!!!

little man

after their set we managed to call wade over and we were all "it's my birthday'  and he was all "oh shit' and he signed my set list and gave me his guitar pick!!!


i must credit most of these pictures to julie.
basically it was the best night of my entire life!  they both played so well and i turned 18 in the midst of all of the amazingness.  
i still can't believe it happened.