Tuesday, September 2, 2008

shut up and follow me into the dark

stage 1: dinner and nail polish.  we all (me, j, megan, and mads) sat around watching old episodes while i did homework and j cooked and painted nails

she is such a good cook!

stage 2: we all then proceeded to stuff ourselves all in megan's tiny downstairs bathroom and put on temporary tattoos

and took hilarious myspace pictures that totally didn't turn out. ha.

stage 3 would of course be GOSSIP GIRL WHICH WAS TOTALLY AMAZING BEYOND ALL BELIEF. (and ps i just happen to be watching the premiere of 90210 right now and if anyone tries to say that they have great music, just know that gossip girl played shut up and let me go by the ting tings first!  way to do you research new 90210)
stage 4: sparklers to celebrate the best tv show ever.  i totally took megan and maddy's sparkler virginity...at the same time!

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