Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so lets do it, do it do it real good

tuesday night was the magic wands, the horrors, and the kills in that order at the cradle with j.  basically a dream come true.
i like completely ran into these two while they were embracing outside of the bathroom... awk. / kind of cool...?

the horrors were just how i always dreamed they would be... except a little less hair.

farris put on an amazing show.

at one point he jumped up on an amp and them fell into the crowd.  he just jumped right back on stage like nothing happened.

seeing the kills was a total dream.  allison is such a rock goddess.

she even smoked on stage.

oh jamie... 

i don't really know what was going on here, but it was pretty cool i guess.

incredible show... def the highlight was when j and i were leaving the show with our horrors set lists in our hands and low and behold there is farris, taking pictures with people, and low and behold i just happened to have a sharpie left in my bag from stalking collin firth.  and we just went up to him like it was no big thing, he signed our set lists (mine with some strange diamond shape and some lines), touched our hands, and replied "hermthankerm" when i told him he played a great set.  best moment of my life!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

all i see

hello dears, it's been a long week.
there are just a few lovely pictures that have kept me going.
i've been getting ready for prom.  i now have my dress, necklace, and shoes, so i'm all set!
in LOVE with this tattoo
this looked magical to me
high fashion?
this is how i felt when choosing where i would go to college... but i have finally decided.... next year i will officially be going to cleveland institute of art!
the following pictures are an ode to one of the cutest people i know: frank.  i did some facebook stalking and found these adorable pictures of her at the beach (ps... leelee if you are reading this, i would give you an ode as well.... if you had a facebook i could steal pictures from...)

this girl must be a model once she becomes legal

my senior show was this thursday... it went realllllly well but it took so much out of me and i am really glad it is over.  there are some pictures of my new work that was in it.

me and grayson, the only two people with dreads at our school did our show together, we called it fiberous roots after them (and yes, we know we spelled fiberous wrong, but we like it better that way)
ahhhhh, me with one of the coolest men on earth, my former history teacher, mr van skike.
oh principle 
good shot of my new hair wraps, and my slightly crazy french teacher
me, maddy, xan
mary made us lovely fiberous roots cupcakes because she is amazing

and again...
grayson took this awesome shot of my giant ciggy city.

phew.  besides my senior show i've been studying madly for my 3 ap exams coming up in less than 2 weeks, and last night maddy and i went out to see midtown dickens, lost in the trees, and the rosebuds which was totally amazing but got over so late and this morning i had to get up soooooo early to take my practice ap calc exam.... it never ends!