Saturday, April 11, 2009

drunken angel

SPRING BREAK!  so happy it's finally here. 10 school free days of bliss.  and filming for main street (starring orlando bloom, colin firth, and amber tamblyn) starts downtown this week which means i will be doing some stalking...
those lovely ladies from cobra snake again.
another cute girl with bangs 

just some enjoyable outfits 

fabulous shoes
almost went skating yesterday but m and i were too tired 

fun summery photo shoot by cobra snake 
gorgeous picture

some things i'd love to do this summer...

such a unique necklace!
beautiful collage by ana.
on thursday julie threw a party.  before everyone got there i found an inch worm on me.

on friday m and i day tripped and relaxed.

today after work i went over to julie's and she hair wrapped some of my dreads.

super busy spring break so far.  this is the first time i have been home alone since thursday morning.  tomorrow's easter, so everyone eat a lot of chocolate!


jules said...

I look super un adorable in those photographs. Otherwise, wonderful post, that deer, oh dear, so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hum, Garrel is so sexy :). The french touch like you say! The cobra snake models' clothes are amazing.

Ambroisine said...

Lots of nice pictures ! the little dear is so cute :)

notebookdoodles said...

have fun on your spring break!!


luyi said...

lovely post!

chelsea jade said...

you are lovely!

i'm on my semester break from school too. i feel as though that justifies my dreadful laziness.

my friend talita gave me a cupcake like the one in that adorable polaroid, except it was red velvet. we dont get them in new zealand, are they meant to stain your hands red? :P


this comment has been ridiculous, but i adored the post!

chelsea jade.

sarah said...

Lovely post! And good luck with the stalking:)

Bia said...

lovely pics! I love the shoes. :D

frances said...

those are some very gorgeous photos there! x

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Nice pictures and outfits. Make sure to be very secretive while stalking! Hahah, the deer was adorable by the way!

Vogue in the City said...

lovely photos:)

invite you for

Anonymous said...

whyyy is my spring brake over???? I can´t take this!!

Slanelle said...

love the cobra snake pics!