Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so lets do it, do it do it real good

tuesday night was the magic wands, the horrors, and the kills in that order at the cradle with j.  basically a dream come true.
i like completely ran into these two while they were embracing outside of the bathroom... awk. / kind of cool...?

the horrors were just how i always dreamed they would be... except a little less hair.

farris put on an amazing show.

at one point he jumped up on an amp and them fell into the crowd.  he just jumped right back on stage like nothing happened.

seeing the kills was a total dream.  allison is such a rock goddess.

she even smoked on stage.

oh jamie... 

i don't really know what was going on here, but it was pretty cool i guess.

incredible show... def the highlight was when j and i were leaving the show with our horrors set lists in our hands and low and behold there is farris, taking pictures with people, and low and behold i just happened to have a sharpie left in my bag from stalking collin firth.  and we just went up to him like it was no big thing, he signed our set lists (mine with some strange diamond shape and some lines), touched our hands, and replied "hermthankerm" when i told him he played a great set.  best moment of my life!


oh_ayla said...

ha, cool. looks like a wicked night. i loooooove the first few pictures in the post below this one.
how come this year hasn't been the best for you? yeah, things can only get better, right?

kelse said...

thank you dear!
these are great, love her, she's a beauty.x

Marsha said...

OH MY GOSHHHH. They're coming too this weekend to Seattle, but too bad its a 21+ concert. I wish I could see them. Alison Mosshart is ♥