Thursday, April 2, 2009

cause nobody loves you

this summer:
i hope there are loads of fun parties (skull set)
i hope i do a lot of art (skull set)
i hope every day is a lazy day (some required)

i hope i get to lay around in duke gardens all the time

love the backs on these, so perfect for summer (cobra snake)

fabulous vintage looking bathing suit (le smoking)
HAIR! (velvet pony)

(skull set)
(cory kennedy)

lissy trullie, so cute, saw her with the virgins at the local 506
i used to be so obsessed with ck but she is so obviously outcuted by peaches.
although i do love her leggings here... and the fact that she still uses disposible cameras

these girls have perfect hair and makeup (cobra snake)
the federals of course!

lilly piri - amazing artist.  her work is so dreamy and almost kind of creepy in a really good way
i'm still asleep gave me this award, thank you darling!  i've given this one twice now i think so if you want it please give it to yourself - everyone deserves it!  :)

tomorrow i leave for kansas city missouri to visit kansas city art institute with my mom and i am so excited!  one of my good friends is going to be there too so it will be really fun. we are staying in the hotel voted best in kansas city, it also has a spa with free yoga...

*i just wanted everyone to know that all of my titles are song lyrics and not my emotions!  haha.  anyways, if you ever have any questions about the song just ask, i love talking about music!


colleen said...

what an amazing array of photos and art!
I wish i had long hair to whip around like some of those girls. haha!

Bia said...

Wonderful photos....and ditto! xD (I'm using the word right?)

Kiss, bia.

alexandra said...

ahh lovely! i love all of these. xx

Bia said...

haha! thanks ^^

Marilyn Hayward said...

Have fun in KC! I live just half an hour away from KCMO, actually. You have such a great library of photographs built up. I especially love the girls with the perfect hair/makeup.

Mila said...

Wow, this is such a wonderful post full of happiness, beauty and inspiration!
I hope for a lot of those things too....especially the art thing, the lazy days and i adore those beautiful backs too!


Antonia said...

The chandelier in the first pic is amazing!

Marilyn Hayward said...

KC is pretty cool. I mean, it's just really hard to get around the city. But there's always something going on there. Concerts, shopping, food, and art are all a good bet in KC

Daisy said...

Fantastic post, so many amazing photos and some fantastic art!

Lily said...

Thanks for the comment!

I love love love love those pink shoes.

Have a great trip. :)

Robynne said...

Love these photos! I hearted some on!!

-fashion on edge

Lo et Molly Shameless said...

oooh i LOVE those drawings

the pale softness is fabulous

Silvie said...

oh i love this post! great picture, love the blog :)