Saturday, April 25, 2009

all i see

hello dears, it's been a long week.
there are just a few lovely pictures that have kept me going.
i've been getting ready for prom.  i now have my dress, necklace, and shoes, so i'm all set!
in LOVE with this tattoo
this looked magical to me
high fashion?
this is how i felt when choosing where i would go to college... but i have finally decided.... next year i will officially be going to cleveland institute of art!
the following pictures are an ode to one of the cutest people i know: frank.  i did some facebook stalking and found these adorable pictures of her at the beach (ps... leelee if you are reading this, i would give you an ode as well.... if you had a facebook i could steal pictures from...)

this girl must be a model once she becomes legal

my senior show was this thursday... it went realllllly well but it took so much out of me and i am really glad it is over.  there are some pictures of my new work that was in it.

me and grayson, the only two people with dreads at our school did our show together, we called it fiberous roots after them (and yes, we know we spelled fiberous wrong, but we like it better that way)
ahhhhh, me with one of the coolest men on earth, my former history teacher, mr van skike.
oh principle 
good shot of my new hair wraps, and my slightly crazy french teacher
me, maddy, xan
mary made us lovely fiberous roots cupcakes because she is amazing

and again...
grayson took this awesome shot of my giant ciggy city.

phew.  besides my senior show i've been studying madly for my 3 ap exams coming up in less than 2 weeks, and last night maddy and i went out to see midtown dickens, lost in the trees, and the rosebuds which was totally amazing but got over so late and this morning i had to get up soooooo early to take my practice ap calc exam.... it never ends!


jules said...

Oh kay. So first while I was reading your lovely post, this weird homeless guy came up and asked me to look up his disability, then noticed your dreds and said they were cool so just fyi, sometimes it's weird working at a church. I love the first photos, they are super beautiful darling. Also, I am so angry that I missed your art show, I was looking forward to it so much, and I missed it all because i was in new york and now i am not there and I am so sorry and shoot!! But all of the photos look amazing! How long is it going to be up? I really love the piece with all the tiles and the sketches. Your ode to frankie is perfect, and she needs to be a model I agree and now I must go deal with this creepy homless guy who is just sitting here, looming over me...ahhh creepy! okay lovely post darling see you!

Stephanie Kim said...

that tattoo is absolute LOVE

Yamila said...

Thanks for your comment!
I like your blog, is excellent!!
Beautiful pictures.

setyourselfonfire said...

Wow i love your top in those pics! And also, you're so right, your friend totally needs to be a model, those pictures of her are stunning.

chelsea jade said...

that cigarette city is something!

congratulations for your show. i know it can be totally draining but (almost) always worth it!

chelsea jade.

Molly said...

the pictures are beautiful love. i found that hanger tatoo one and fell in love with it too!! your art looks amazing too! i might start smoking straights to copy you haha.

feather hunter said...

awesome show! xxx

Marilyn Hayward said...

Your show looks great! Have fun at prom, I secretly wish I could still go...getting ready was always such fun!

Ula said...

I love these sea-pictures!:)

colleen said...

there is so much to comment on here, i feel like my comment is going to be a novel...

FIRST of all, how badly do i want that tattoo? (answer: unbelievably bad)


and your friend on the bike is so cute!

and your art is amazing! Are you going to college for art? It's so unique and inspiring!

kelse said...

cute pictures here, she's adorable.
i love that sequin top!

Bella said...

Beautiful images... and I LOVE the butterfly top! xxx

YuriNakamura said...

Cool Blog.
Loved the pics