Sunday, April 5, 2009

that's when i'll come home

got back from kansas city mo today.  i really really liked the city, but not so much the art institute.  i was really bummed at first, but now at least i only have two schools to pick from.

these were in this really great restaurant we met up with kathleen and her mom at called lydia's 

on friday we went to the crossroads for the first friday art walk.  it was amazing!  i've never seen so many people out to look at art in my life. plus there were ribbon dancers.

and tight rope walkers (speaking of... i finally saw man on wire - AMAZING!)
some cool wheat past graffiti 
the campus
some guerrilla art

a sculpture garden

the out door sculpture studio 

Louise bourgeois 

this really cute dress shop - this is the same dress i recently sold to a cute lady at dolly's.  crazy!
a cool poster outside of the vintage store boomerang 
the bunny butt necklace my mom got me.  so cute!
some sunglasses i got a boomerang

so i did have a fun trip... but i'm no longer looking at kcai, only the museum school in boston, and cleveland art institute.


colleen said...

the big badminton birdie definitely made me smile.

Mila said...

hihi, looks very artistic!
Love that sculpture garden...very special.
Also, those vintage shop looks adorable.
I want to visit the US so baaaaad!


Maria Angela said...

Even though you're no longer looking at the school, the campus looks awesome! And I love the bunny necklace. What a beautiful blog you have!

SarahStLeger said...

love the glasses! thanks for following<3

heartshapedmorning said...

wow, so much amazing art! that art walk looks incredible. now i want to go there...

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Beautiful Pics babygurl

Pansieberry said...

looks like fun! i love the large badminton birdie. wish i had one in my yard..:P

Merily said...

Very lovely set :)

Bianca and Isabella said...

wonderful, looks like fun, love.

the crumpet girls

Hippie Frou Frou said...

oooh fun. Love love your new shades! and that wheat pasted graffiti is really cool. Shame you didn't like the institute but at least you narrowed down the search :)

jess S//hippiefroufrou

Dooder City said...

good luck with your choices. the sculpture garden looked cool.

love the rabbit necklace.

Julia said...

The rope walkers are cool:)
that dress is sooooo cute!!

suzette said...

hey doll thanks for the comment :]

the title is an AMAZING song by the ropes. i actually love to get dirty.

Ula said...

So artistic;D.
I like all these pictures:)

jessica said...

it's so scary choosing schools, i find .
or maybe not scary, but thrilling, i guess .
your sunnies are mega cutes though .
& thank your for your sweet comment :) :) :)

Indie.Tea said...

Wow, what a great-looking campus, it looks so spacious.
The ribbon-dancers look amazing too!