Sunday, June 28, 2009

ba ba deee dee de deeeee

i feel as though i've gotten behind in my blogging so i've just combined what would normally be like 3 posts into one!

today i went to see my boys at gov school
we went to the cloud chamber/hobbit house to perform secret rituals.  do not be fooled by the amazing flashing abilities of my camera... it was dark in there. 
except for the one hole that let the clouds in

it pierced matt's heart
good thing graham is the perfect fake boyfriend
he whispered sweet nothings into his ears until everything was better

then, graham climbed a tree
and higher
and higher
until he disappeared!

we went skating with the group and then walked to whole foods
where the couple flirted some more

for real though

post section #2!  these are some pictures i have been looking at, dreaming about, lusting after during the past weeks.  i'm soooooo sorry i haven't credited anyone, i know it's terrible but i've been so scattered and lazy lately, but i want everyone to know that i love and admire all of the blogs i have borrowed these from and really if you would like to credit yourself or someone else please do so in a comment!

and finally.... pictures from the NYLON SUMMER MUSIC TOUR! 

we totally set up camp and waited like 4 hours before doors to get great spots.  


they were fun, really hyped 


they were parisian perfection
like who really looks that perfect?  katty i guess...

they had so much energy, it was wonderful 

they had patrick out for bitch

solid rock



well not quite... i would just like to report that i've finally finished my graduation thank you cards and so can now get on to more important things like getting my etsy set up and buying things on ebay for college!  yay!

phew, long post.