Monday, June 8, 2009

it was subtle but i think that you grasp the meaning intended

so.  i graduated.  i know this is big, but for some reason it all feels like a progression and not like a big dramatic change.
my tiny little class in cameron indoor stadium at duke.
me and amy
me with the rental unit 
me and ms. page... my art teacher
me and kathleen
me and andrew, the valedictorian 
me and julie
me, leah, and xan, three of the fleefs
me and megan
van skizal... who retired... boohoooo
um.... it was hot?
beautiful mary
... and then things got interesting 
me and maddy
the end.   and on to other, more lovely things.

from my favorite new blogger, deerlings

here comes the sun


le love

that last quote gives me the chills.

i am beyond tired.  i've not had a moment to myself for too long.  tomorrow, i must wake up at 3 am to catch my flight to portland with my dad.  i'm pretty pumped.  but i feel like sleep would also be nice right now.


daniB said...

congrats :D

you looked lovely!


Marilyn Hayward said...

Congrats! Your class looks gigantic compared to my graduating class of 32 people...hah.

chelsea jade said...

firstly, congratulations!
secondly, that's amazing that you wear those gowns and hats for graduation!
thirdly, i like your shoes a lot.

chelsea jade.

Marilyn Hayward said...

Oh no, it wasn't a private school! Just a tiny little country school in the middle of Kansas!

hannah said...

yaaaay for graduating!


Anonymous said...

I really like Ur shoes :D I know that U mean, when something "big" in my life happens it doesn´t feel like a big deal at all, maybe it´s because U´ve waited for it to happen so long that U R in some short of a shock or something xD lol

hannah said...

I'll miss you too!

but upon my return, and everyone else's, we should either have A- a fabulous camping trip, B- a fabulous eno extravaganza or C- all of the above (before all you oldies head off to...gasp, COLLEGE!)

lalala toodle pip darling

a mouse said...

congratulations kitten! ^,,^~~~

ps.. i dont sell my designs..
cause ive really only made
a few things.. and im sort
if just messing around..
but maybe someday! :)
thanks for your comment!

Lise said...

lovely blog!