Thursday, June 18, 2009

silly boy gonna make you cry

where slept in portland.  this really cool european guest house owned by a black clad mohawked german couple.
there was a lot of street art.

vegan was everywhere

a coffee shop called anna banana's 

my favorite 

saw au revoir simone.  they were tres cute.

where i hid from my dad accidentally at the japanese gardens while i was drawing.

fairy land

awkward posed picture
best. vintage. store. ever.

really cool art gallery

kinda awk... looks like this robot thing is grabbing the reflection of my boob...
another vintage store

other vintage store

art gallery

best cheesecake in the world.
best macaroon in the world.
best breakfast in the world.

it was a wonderful trip.  my impressions of portland include: coffee, happy hour, cigarettes ( as in these are the favorite activities of the locals).  um yeah, that's about it.
and when i came home... this was waiting for me!  from the lovely willow ships, this is the most wonderful thing i have ever received in the mail.
so thank you.  :)

summer is totally underway.  i just hope summer things come with it.  


chelsea jade said...

it's my pleasure!

i would absolutely love to see au revoir simone! they look like gangly forest nymphs.

Belle Dame Sans Merci said...

I saw Au Revoir Simone last month!!

Faridah said...

Great collection of images! xx

leah said...

looks amazing lovey!!!!

what a great post

hannah said...

I love the fairyland you found...siiiigh. how lovely

hannah said...

ps i wrote that comment before i saw yours to me!

also when i get back, we must have a playdate (among other things)

sarah said...

Great photo's, makes me want to visit Portland. I love the Japanese pretty.

Anonymous said...

wow a really long post! but great pictures, and lovely blog too <3

Anonymous said...

those vintage shops look amazing :ooo jealous!

PLATFORM said...

Did you check out the suicide girls in Portland!?