Monday, June 1, 2009

i got lost in the desert baby

sara had a party last weekend.  the last of my high school career.

mmmm, besties. 
i like julie there in the background 
"oh no she didn't"
come hither 
bat man boyfriend 
he was all vicky's 
the two annas! 
other besties 
keeping an eye on things...

the end
fruit machine 
oh brother
too much of nothing


tomorrow is my last day of school.  i cannot express the relief i feel... ok, i will try.


something along those lines.

i always thought right after high school got out things would just really chill out, but the next two weeks are so crazy, filled with grad and grad practices and parties and vacations and just plain complicated plans.  but, whatever happens, i know it will be better than my past 7 years, and that makes me happy.  :)


lilbent said...

wonderful pictures, and I share your same feeling. why are things so much more stressful?

I love you so million times much. did you know that?

black vanilla rose said...

Looks like you had a load of fun... let the future begin huh xxx

Grace said...

Congrats! Everything after high school only gets better so enjoy it and blow off the stress! I know much more easier said then done...

Goodluck with all the parties and everything! Graduation is great!

Mila said...

That looks like so much fun!!


Vamoose said...

definitely gets better! I watched 'I capture the castle' as suggested, such a beautiful film!

jules said...

Wonderful post, and now that school is over the relife is still there, but it tots has not hit yet that it's over, we had a wtf moment tonight if you remember. Get ready for everything to begin and an amazing summer! blog posts are about to get insane!

hannah said...

Anna! I finally caved and got a blog

plus yours has such lovely pictures, i just couldn't resist

Zhcsyra hp said...

i love both of u on d' beach:)))