Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i love when you kiss me

saw camera obscura for the third time at the cradle last saturday.  anni rossi opened.  and she was absolutely lovely.  she stood on a vintage suit case and stomped on it for percussion.  and her voice was beautiful and she did incredible things with her violin.

and of course camera played an amazing set.

julie and i both got set lists... of course.

wonderful little show.

and tomorrow we go to see the plastiscines and loads of others in the nylon summer music tour!  we are making a day out of it and i can't wait!


daniB said...

looks like you ladies had a blast!
i want miss Rossi's shorts!!

can't wait to see more pictures from the other shows(:


Tanaka said...

should have gone to duuurttyy :)

chelsea jade said...

i want to fly to a foreign land where all of the amazing musicians who i'm not certain really exist actually venture to play.

new zealand is a bit of a dud in this department.

Bernadette said...

I'm jealous! It looks like it was a great show! I had to miss them last time around because of class, and I was so bummed!

Just found your blog, and I'm having a great time catching up!

Grace said...

Oh so exciting! I hope you had so much fun and took lots of pictures! If you saw slash met Peaches I may die!!