Monday, August 26, 2013

Object and Context

Plucked out of Penland and back in Durham for less than two weeks before my next travel adventure.
Penland was fantastic.  I took a class taught by Tetsuya Yamada and volunteered at the annual auction there before the class.  I worked in the kitchen doing food prep and making a life's work of cheese plates for the auction.  Not to mention I ended up, along with a couple other people plating over 800 desserts in two days for the auction as well. As always at Penland I met loads of lovely and creative people.  Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures.  But I did start working on some new mixed media ideas with cut-outs because I seemed to have catastrophe after catastrophe and broke nearly everything I made there in one way or another.

 After breaking all of my pots in a freak ware cart disaster I received a delivery of a few beautiful glass objects from the glass studio.  They heard of my misfortune and wanted to cheer me up.  So I wrote them a love letter.  I did take some other polaroids at Penland but I'll post them later.
 The one piece that actually lived... and was donated to our session auction. Stinky cheese on a hill, in memory of my cheese plates and the knoll.
And here is an installation piece made by one of my studio assistants Erin Paradis that I just absolutely loved.  She installed in the dye shed, the school's oldest building.

So now my life is packing and planning for Paris.  It's coming faster than I can imagine.