Wednesday, March 31, 2010

good day sunshine

things are really good
i have a house, and i got into my major - ceramics
i am completely looking forward to this summer, being back with my old friends, and then coming back to school next year, because i know it will be even better than this year has been
i finally have that special kind of smile again
and i'm just plain happy.

what makes you happy right now?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

there's no way i can escape you

spring break was a wonderful adventure for BAM
we had such a lovely time in NC
at the Eno River
where Blanca made a lovely sculpture

at Topsail beach

nighttime romps on the beach

the weather was unbelievable

relaxing and blowing bubbles

the girls loved Durham so much and Durham loved them too!

these lovely pictures are credited to the lovely Blanca.

things in Cleveland have been so wonderful lately. huge huge huge changes. i feel light and free and like i am finally in control of my own life. i got rid of what was bad in my life and have been gaining such new things that are all good for me. lots of new friends, a HOUSE, and i've been branching out in art, i'll be blowing glass for the first time soon, and i've been getting back into clay. plus the weather here has been sunny and warm. basically, life is good, and i am so happy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it won't work no more

some very old pictures from the first stage of my college life

we have lost some people, but the people that have stayed are here for good i believe.
our fibers have grown roots and felted

we have almost become one

me. in all my glory. with all my things.
one night last week we made a last minute decision to change our room completely around.

it was hectic but so worth it.

leaving for the durty d in... countdown: 3,2,1 days! yes!