Thursday, May 7, 2009

never once erred on a dare

just a short little post to tide me over til the weekend.
these lovely dresses i found via loveology. 
they are so simple and flawlessly beautiful 

unfortunately this has been me all week.  on wednesday i had my ap calculus exam, today i had my ap english exam, and tomorrow is my ap euro exam.  it's been so rough, but after tomorrow it will be the home stretch til the end of school.  and this saturday is prom!
but right now i can't wait to take a seat from all of the school work.
and just go out and have fun.
let go. (cobra snake)

after english today everyone went over mary's.  we blew bubbles and sat in the sun.  it was lovely.  

but, now duty calls, time to do a euro practice test in my princeton review book.  :(


Anonymous said...

I loove bubbles ^__^ that pic of that girl at the supermarket is hilarious :>

Marilyn Hayward said...

I hear you. I can't wait to let go as well. I love that first dress.

chelsea jade said...

i certainly do NOT miss exams.
but i do miss blowing bubbles.
i havent done that in quite some time.

chelsea jade.

Regine said...

so many great photos, i like your blog!!! :)

Graham said...

Yo blogga blogga.

Kathy said...

love the last pic i adore bubbles!

mice said...

Cute photos! (:

315thomas said...

those dresses are so pretty!