Monday, May 11, 2009

red eye i'm asking you

ok this is kind of a long post of complete randomness so bare with me:
hung out with julie last night, first time in a while just one-on-one, really nice.

we went to duke gardens 
saw a crazy large duck

and found the perfect spot 

i think i was having a competition with myself to see how ridiculous i could be

after duke gardens we watched virgins suicides which was amazing but really heavy and then we walked up to the park

grrrrreat night.

these are pictures of some of the dogs i walked at the shelter yesterday when i was volunteering.  i will be using them for my senior project.


some other blogga inspiration:

the lovely federals again 
awesome hair

cobra snake

beautiful book from unicorn diaries 
often i wish i had the power to do this.  it would make life much easier.

exams in a weekish.  can't wait to get them over with.  it's time.


jules said...

ohh, these pictures are so funny. my legs look insane.

leah said...

looks like fun girlie

i love julie's wall of polaroids

dogs = cute

Tanaka said...

yeah, I tinkered with it a little bit

the virgin suicides is such a good movie but its almost overpowering, i saw it a few months ago

Lo said...

I love summer nights and the cobrasnake. What could be better?

Graham said...

Is that a bite mark in Julie's cup?

That's a dumb question, I'm sorry.

Graham said...

I've had two cool vintage thermoses (that word is funny), but Mr. Martin broke the first one, and the other was on my fault.

I was so mad when both breakings happened, but then decided to be sad about it.

Now I just have a multicolored one from when I was a kid.

notebookdoodles said...

one on one time is always the best! quality not quantity.

Lily said...

awww the poor puppies. I don't think I'd be able to volunteer at a shelter, I'd get too upset and want to take them all home.


daniB said...

your blog is so much fun to read(:
especially looking through your pictures!


llliiizu ' said...

so cool pictures ! :)

Irene said...

Awww.... teenaged hangouts in the park make me happy! Too cute!

daniB said...

thanks for the comment(:

& i'm jealous of your curly locks!


linked you(:

Emz said...

I like your wall you look like you had so much fun! I love the wall of polaroids =)

Anonymous said...

i love your wall with photos, looks really nice. and that duck is really nasty, haha. trust me, my outfit will not disappoint you!

Connie Hsiu said...

definitely a LONG post, but I loved it!!!!!

Bia said...

omg so many polaroids! :)

Bia said...

You have never been to H&M, for real? You really nedd to go there! I'm serious.

Girl next blog said...

Oh, I love walls full of pictures!

Penny said...

the virgin suicides is one of my all time FAVOURITE films. love love love it!

the dogs are sooo cute! i wish i could come and take them all home with me :(

Graham said...

It's okay that it was depressing, my story was already sad, so you were just following suit.

I'll try and post a happy nature story next time to even things out.

A-M said...

those pictures are sooosooo awesome and i'm really happy that i discovered u'r blog :)

Sol said...

oh beautiful pics all over this post!
you and your friend look so cute, and def. like you're having a blast.

Ula said...

i love polaroids;D

Belle Dame Sans Merci said...

love this!

Char.Lotte said...

the second photo with the girl with the green cup is my favorite!

Anonymous said...