Sunday, May 10, 2009

do you get a little kick out of being small minded?

prom finally happened.  
i think the before and after were my favorite parts though.
frank, leelee, xan, me.  the fleefs.
frank and i did a black and white thing

we even got our nails to match
maddy, flecia, julie
kathleen had everyone over for dindin at her house

leelers and sara

awkward picture alert!
frank is sooooo tall.
sara, xan, kathleen, julie.
maddy = beautiful 

me, maddy, michael 

anna and hannah!
us failing at taking a group picture

the guys.

kathleen and troy

battle royal 
the crazy candles 
they kept exploding and peeing and doing crazy things candles should not do.


i would just like to say that i have 11 days of class and then 7 days of finals and then...... I WILL BE DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! 


Graham said...

Oh I never saw the guys' pic.


peaitlreiecnia said...

ohhhhhh! you guys all look amazing, but your dress is the best! i loved it! and what you guys did with the nails.

i'm so glad school is almost at an end for you, college and uni is soooo much fun

i haven't been blogging for a while and i'm still trying to get back into it, but it's always fun to get a window into someone else's life.

great post! xx

Morena Doll said...

Aww you all look so pretty. Oh gosh you do. :) Looks like it was a fun prom. Congrats on school being almost done!

lilbent said...

This blog post is fantastic, my dearest!!!! Prom was so fun, and I;m glad us fleefs went as a tetrafecta of amazing. Love you!!!

Kathy said...

love your dress!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

such great photos! lovely nails && outfit!

jess s//

leah said...

i love anna i love anna i love anna i love anna!!!!!!!

prom was amazing

Anonymous said...

this is so great! so american! love it. wait until next week and i'll show you how we europeans do it.

Antonia said...

Congrats on prom & grad! Looks fun!

And that's crazy about your dad's experience in Greece. I've been before and luckily I never had anything bad happen!

Stay fab!

Anonymous said...

probably the fact that it doesn't exist here. at least not in my quarters. but it looks fly as hell! i love the guy in the blue suit and the pink tie!

Anonymous said...

prom :ooo I´m jealous, we don´t have proms in Finland :zzz looks like U had a great time, U all look so pretty ^__^ I really like Leelee´s dress :>

Marsha said...

You look gorgeous!! Bet you had a great time :)

leah said...

"leelee's dress"

was actually anna's dress, how sweet of her to let me borrow it

i think i got that picture from your blog many months ago

chelsea jade said...

i feel lost sometimes in this weird dreamy mindset. it's nice to know somebody else knows what i'm talking about!

you look like you had a truly lovely time! and you look equally as lovely.

congratulations for almost being out of the high school jungle.

what are you going to do after?
headed to art school?

chelsea jade said...

p.s - thank you for the birthday wishes!

to this day i can't actually believe that bizarre photo ever happened. my kindergarten was this beautiful school called christopher robin in cape town and we took those pictures for our parents to send to our families.

very curious but very wonderful.

chelsea jade.

Stompface said...

ahhh super super cute. you ladies are.
It seems like so long ago when I went to mine!


MeganElisabeth said...

i wish we had prom in my coutry. haha.
and thnak-you for the comment
and nice blog i will like you deary.

iris said...

DONE WITH SCHOOL! those words are so lovely and genius whi hi hi. this photographs are really sweet, and omg your header is perfect! the dinosaur <3

Iole said...


iris said...

ah really? a shark tattoo is so awesome! maybe you should really do that! tattoos are so fascinating! i also want a tattoo really bad! maybe i'll will go the dinosaur way one day haha, i stead of a sharktattoo!

LLIIISU . :) said...

cool blog. :)


Tanaka said...

hahah, I sure do
but I don't really understand blogspot yet, i'm still getting used to it

Emz said...

You guys all look fantastic! I love the dresses!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Love all the dresses, can't wait for prom!!!

E said...

Oh, how great pictures!:)

Maria Angela said...

Your dress was beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. Brings me back to memories of my prom...
You have a lovely blog here! Thank you for the lovely comments on mine. Looking forward to more postings :]

Bia said...

Lilly allen :)