Saturday, July 5, 2008

eno fest 2008

future kings of nowhere

bombadil = super fun

the old ceremony...amazing beyond all belief...they were SO into it, and SO coming to the cradle soon...

i had a blast with j at eno fest yesterday...we saw five shows, went swimming and hung out with some cool...and some not so cool people...but the cool people were really cool with a capital c. i'm sure j will have some more sick pictures on her blog as well so check that out

then later was mary's party...woah. lots of people and drama and not a lot of sleep which was great for me because i have to work 8 hours today and then leave for florida at like 6 in the morning tomorrow...but really i did have a great time and it was nice seeing people thanks for that late night back scratch j, i really needed that.

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