Thursday, July 3, 2008

tye wad in the quad

last half of gov school pictures!!!
kate on the quad
grayson on the quad
the quad
this pretty much sums up the hair dying experience we had...basically it was 6 or 7 girls in my room bleaching and dying our hair turned out pretty amazing although it was only 6 week dye and everyones hair faded so much after only a couple washings...but we will do it again with permanent dye fo sho cause it was awesome.
durga painting alena
growling girls
jane and i being warriors

me and kenzie
strange elbow action with mary b. and grayson
tattoo action with mary b and grayson
ian sans glasses
jane rockin her new blue hair

the durg
art girls

kate in a found on the ground top
kate's real hair
tree surgery...we're all worried it will be all gone when we come back from break

kate's sparkly nails!!
kate talking to chris...
while walking back from the dance concert (really modern thingy in the woods at night with moving chairs) ian and i were inspired by the patterns of leaves on the ground)

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