Friday, October 30, 2009

there was an old lady in the village

my camera cord was driven away... so pictures from my life will be absent for a while. but here are some inspirations from elsewhere.

all i can think about these days is how i will decorate my apartment next year. just decided i neeeed a cloud on my wall.... and of course cotton ball clouds will hang from my ceiling above my bed like in the science of sleep. greatest movie ever.

i'm thinking i might want my bedroom to be completely white
or at least really simple

i know that i want a wall of broken TV's so i can make my crazy videos

i also know that i want an open display for all my clothes

i'll need a great work space and loads of bookshelves.

(loveology )
(yvan) i also want to have all my new friends tag a giant board in my house.

blanca recently introduced me to the magic that is Candy


Grace said...

I love these! I also get so jealous of my friends and their gorgeous apartments...yours sounds dreamy!

Tanaka said...

requiem for a dream is my favorite movie...candy is pretty good too but its so sad

leah said...

candy looks good. i want to see it. and requiem for a dreammmmm

and oh myy simple bedrooms are the best. as you know, thats how mine is, very simplistic, and i LOVE it

Tanaka said...

haha I know I miss you a lot

i've been good, sending in college apps is a trillion times less stressful than creating them, so this weekend has been much better than previous ones (especially since it was halloween!)

how are you? how was halloween? how are your new friends? these are too many questions maybe I should just be old fashioned and call you

JULIA said...

looks like your apartment will be smooooth running. check out the selby for more inspiration

Tanaka said...

haha yeah it feels great 2 more to go though

thats great that things are settling down...I'm really looking forward to seeing you here though :)

electric feel said...

i definitely have to watch the last movie!

Faridah said...

This post was so awesome! So much inspiration.

Anni said...

lovely pics :)