Sunday, October 4, 2009

when i first saw you

this post should be split into many... but...
i've been having a blast with blanca and crissy and mads, my girls, getting sparkly every weekend.

doing magnetic poetry

experiencing everything

drawing on everything i can get my hands on

we are all making beautiful objects

more dressing up for no reason
except to look silly at the glass studio

night time romps


loving life

i've been getting re-inspired by old technology

look closely


great party shots by yvan of course

things are good, but i miss this:

my context ends in just a couple of days and i've only had one entry (booohoooo) i'm really excited about it so be sure to enter!


electric feel said...

hey my dear
i'm so sorry that i didn't post your tagg, but i was very busy with school and so on !

have a nce week!

lilbent said...

lovelovelove this post! losts of cuteness and cute boys and I approve! Tell whoever has those sweet nike dunks that I'm feelin it! I miss you my dear, and we should talk about boy things sooooon!

I love you times infinity

lilbent said...

I approve of all the handsome boys. You can tell them that, or not, either way, I approve!

leah said...

i love this post.

and the guy with long hair
ughhhhhhhh i miss you

Anna said...

love your glitzy make-up!

leah said...

silly the boy with the long hair on the bikeeeee :)