Tuesday, September 22, 2009


this is the award i received from the lovely little twinkle magpies for the contest i won

Ms. Anna, you have been one of the winners of my contest♥

Now what needs to happen:
1) contact me on my email so i can know where to send the peice of my life

2)once you recieve the item, contact me to let me know

3)have this contest of your own and so you can send out a part of your life to someone

4) don't forget to use the original box that my item comes in to send to one person. And tell them that, so we can have a chain of the same box

♥thank you so much dear, i hope you like what you get!

p.s. go to my latest post to get the blog award and copy it to your blog!

so that's the general idea. i have decided to add a little something however. not only will the winner receive the box that twinkle magpies sent me full of lovely things... but also a vintageveggie box full of more lovely things! so double the fun. my hope is that the chain of boxes will continue to grow as each blogger sends on the boxes they received as well as one they made themselves!

so, to enter the contest all you have to do is comment on the post with a story about the most special thing anyone has ever done for you and some way to contact you if you win. the contest will end two weeks from today on Tuesday October 6th. good luck! i can't wait to hear everyone's stories!


luyi said...

thank u sweetie anna for bday greetings.


and happy birthday tomorrow (in case i forget)

jules said...

the sweetest things are usually those that are fleeting, a little gift when you don't expect it, a simple smile on a sad day. I think that friendships are the most special things, and everything encapsulated in them. I can't pick out a certain thing that has been special, because everything has been. High school and all the memories that go along with it, from TKO, to our twosome drinking nights, to boys, to arts, to everything....it has all been special. Love you, hope schools great. call me. (I assume you know how to contact me..)

frances said...

oh god I KNOW. He was SO INTENSE and literally talked AT me for about 5 minutes about how shit Swiss fashion is. So bizarre. And he took my photo but it never made the site, boooo! x