Saturday, September 5, 2009

and as my heart ran around

i'm home. like home home. durham. it feels safe and normal but almost more difficult. maybe too much of the same. like a backtrack. but certainly good in some ways. and certainly bad. i keep telling myself that i won't except anything out of anything that way i stop getting disappointed. but it never works. things never go according to plan. they are never as good as i want them to be. and most of the time, i feel like it is my fault.
in school i've been working with line.
these inspired me.
also in school, i have more fun, because i don't know anyone well enough yet to expect anything out of them.
when i'm there, i don't have to hide.
when i'm home, there are certainly good things, but everything feels like it is: old and drawn out.

sorry about the negativity? i really am happy right now.


lilbent said...

Love this post, and you. I'm so glad you're having a good time at college, and I cant imagine the good and bad that must come along with going back to d-town. I adore you hun, keep it real over there and we better skype soon!

electric feel said...

it's always nice to be back home!
great post, dear

stay dandy

oh_ayla said...

i love the first picture :)

Faridah said...

It's ok to let things out, I don't think you sound negative, more like you're pondering. Great images. x

Grace said...

I love this post! I hope your enjoying your classes and such! I start at a new college with a new program tomorrow and Im so nervous!!
And yes that girls style is insanely amazing and makes me so envious! ;) Im jealous of her Doc Martins which I know you have too! I don't think I could ever pull those off!

little shadow said...

It's completely understandable. I found this post really refreshing, beause the way you're feeling is so relateable.
Love the pictures

chelsea jade said...

your line drawing is wonderful!

sometimes thoughts need to be organised and released i think. so i don't think you ever need to apologise for their tone. :)

chelsea jade.

p.s - i took your advice, i went with the wind. it dragged me along for a bit but then it took me to a real oasis with swooping birds and a gentle lake hugging a cliff face. while i was there a secret boy gave me a secret kiss. shhh.

frances said...

I'm from durham, UK! wooop! xxx

Grace said...

oh man do i ever wish i had time to go out at night, i usually cant due to work.. but tonight im going out for sure!!
i bet the parties at school are great for you right now!

hannah said...

you whaaaa? hahaha oh girl...
I wanna hear these stories!

yes, they were filming the music video for it and were gonna use part of it for the end clip

we'll see what happens!

hannah said...

Anna! I'm so glad to hear these stories!!

It sounds like you're having so much fun...that's absolutely ridiculous, your outfit.

but i can't help but love it.

parties are so much fun.
(freedom's even more fun, eh)

Grace said...

Haha yeah college is definitely different from high school parties, theres certain people you just dont want to get involved with!
At least your living away from home and can have res parties and stuff, I live in the city at home still so my only choice is going to clubs and predrinks at friends condos...its different in the sense that there lots of sketchy people at clubs haha! But oh well!
Hope your still enjoying everything at school! xo

Belle Dame Sans Merci said...

so nice pictures :)
keep it up lady.

Helena said...

love this post :)
love the first and last pictures