Thursday, September 10, 2009

i got you babe

things have gotten so muddled. i have too much of what i don't want and not enough of what i do. but i keep plowing through all of it. classes seem to go round and round. some things i love. some things i hate.

this: i hate
benjamin edwards (had to write a paper on this guy and make a piece of digital art emulating him)

(some required)
yeah i believe that...
but some current memories might not even be worth it.
i can't tell if the things i do are always the same, or always different.
i want to experience new things
but i don't always know how.
(here comes the sun)

heart in a cage tagged me!
i'm so excited, i love this tag and i've been wishing for it, and now i have it! so thanks. :)
The rules:Link back to the person who tagged you. List six little things that make you happy. Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

1)picking fresh fruit in the children's section of the botanical gardens

2)daniel by bat for lashes

3)having two homes across the country now and feeling just as at home at both

4)the butterfly stickers i put on my dorm wall

5)being able to feel comfortable with new people

6)cat naps

i tag:

you're all sooo lovely and deserve it! have fun!


vintageveggie said...

hmmm sorry for all the strange sizing... don't really know what's going on there...

electric feel said...

oh thanks darling
i will post the tagg next week

JadeRose said...

you've got some great photos on your blog, im liking it a lot :))


Thanks lovely lady.

Helena said...

oh wow
thank you dear
i shall post the tag tomorrow :)
you have a lovely lovely blog


jules said...

umm I want this. Thanks... haha i love you! xoxoxoxoxo misss syou

Hita said...

awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!


clash of cooper said...

lovely blog. ahhh i think i get what your getting at...pretty pictures and quotes either way :)

leah said...

i really need to call you soon. i will.

the last post was about a boy, im very frustrated with right now

little shadow said...

I dig your blog x

Faridah said...

Thank you thank you! I will definitely do this in the next few posts.