Thursday, August 27, 2009

i am going out to see

phew.  finished the first week of classes.

things have certainly picked up.

i've met the kind of people i hoped to meet.

and some people i didnt
i've gotten some assignments that i wanted
and some that suck
i feel like i just only holding on to my sanity sometimes
and then i feel like i have everything under control 
and the truth is that i really do
i just need to make sure it stays that way
to make that happen i've been in the workroom all day painting stupid color swatches 

the point is that
college is in full swing
sometimes i feel like this

sometimes i feel like this (and do this)
but just in time for my settling in
i'm going home to visit for the weekend next friday
i'm looking forward to everything.

(ps i have some awards and contests that i've won... and i'm super excited about them, but i'm saving them for a later date.)


Anonymous said...

congrats on making it through the first week of classes alive - I know how rough that can be!

Anonymous said...

I always know I will find beautiful images on your blog! love it all xxx

Graham said...

I'm glad things are going smooth for you.

Couldn't it be easier if we all just let go of our sanity?
I can only imagine it would be different.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so beautiful.
( All my friends are reading it now too):)

leah said...

you're good. you're good

i'm so happy

i love you

nilam said...

sweet post!

hannah said...

i'm so so glad to hear things have picked up(!) ...tres bien.

i'm also so so glad you're coming HOME this weekend - and that i get to see you!

thanks for the words of wisdom and sympathy..i'll believe in em and somehow get through.


Jowy said...

These images are just AWESOME! so pretty!

One Love,

electric feel said...

i love quote


Your blog is a plethora of eye candy! I likkke and will be back! XO

Len said...

This is just a lovely post, a story in images! Pure eye candy!

Lennebelle (lennebelle.blogspot -->