Saturday, August 22, 2009

i think it still counts

at college

i like it

and then i don't
and then i do.
honestly i don't really know how i feel 

about anything right now in my life.
although there is one thing i do know:
yvan is H.O.T.

everything else though.... i'll leave to some other blogging pros.


Zhcsyra hp said...


electric feel said...

ah another yvan lover
yeah he's great
adore the clock print tee

jules said...

hot. so funny i was/am going to use some of these same photos.

Grace said...

beautiful post. that saying about loving yourself or no one will love you is so true!

Hope first day of classes today went well!! :)

theotherscrapbook said...

Sweet pictures. I love all the wordy ones, espesh the plain black/pink Helvetica one. I'm a sucker for sans-serif.

albie said...

love this random selection of pics!!! exp the you and me one!


Graham said...

I'm trying.

I'm pretty confused right now.
I'm no longer mad at her, but now I just feel.
I don't know.

Nubia said...

Great post, very inspirational, love the photos

STEFANIE said...

Such a lovely post!

Hannah Beerman said...

love your style and aesthetic!

Vamoose said...

this is a lovely selection. hope you are enjoying college now x

KAELA said...

I love your selection of images! :)