Friday, October 9, 2009

are you gonna leave me now?

all i do is dream about things these days it feels like, actually, this morning i missed my last class before the midterm because i was dreaming and couldn't wake myself

but all i really wanna do is float free and not just have to dream that way
(kelsey genna)
unfortunately i seem to be constantly tied down by school work
(some required)

i am learning a lot though i think, this is really important to me right now.
thank you notebookdoodles

have you learned any important lessons lately? i think we could all use some little tidbits of advice.


Grace said...

Beautiful post!
I hope school is still going well, dont worry your allowed a getting out of class for dreaming card a few times!

leah said...

lately i've given myself the advice:

don't stress. will this matter in 2 years?

Clara said...

I love the third photo.
red hair fascinates me.
nice blog.

ellie said...

Don't stop dreaming- i think life is worthless if we can't at least escape to our dreams.


jules said...

Um beautiful. I love you, and im listing to josie and the pussycats right now, thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! They make me happy :)
Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**

Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful post. I love all these pictures!