Monday, May 3, 2010

i shouldn't go but i can't really help it

finals are over
and i've entered BFA week,
aka: week of amazing fun!
i've become so much closer to some of my taplin family members.
especially those who i am living with next year!
sometimes things are incredibly blissful,
but i won't lie,
things aren't all

inflatable fun.
i'm going home in 5 days and i can't believe it.
back in the durty with all my lovelies.
for now i'm trying to enjoy every last minute here.
these images are taken by blanca and mads
from our school function, the pink pig.
at which there are no pink pigs.


boy of the future in action.
sassy pants.

some strange ohio game called corn hole or something gross like that.
turns out i am very good at it and cara tried to kill me.
i've officially finished my freshman year of college, i am not ready to make any serious judgements, however i think it's safe to say that it was an amazing year, despite some not so amazing things that happened. and as a great close to the year BAM all got huge scholarships from the school. Blanca got the metals scholarship, I got the ceramics scholarship and an honorary scholarship, and Mads got the glass scholarship. our jury certainly respected the trinity.
still, i can't believe that this time is over and i'm feeling sentimental and silly.


Ancarol said...

a fun week .....let me jealous ; )

little shadow said...

Ahhh, congratulations!
Looks like you had so much fun, I'm a little jealous x

electric feel said...

congrats to your first year in college!

lilbent said...

AAAH this post is amazing in every sense of the word!
1) Congrats to all you guys for your scholarships!
2) the action shots are dope, and blanca looks like a magical fairy-flower child-cherub in some of those pictures. loves it.
3) I miss you lots and I can't wait to see you!!!

lilbent said...

p.s. cornhole is an awesome game! the yankees who come to the beach with us are always playing it

Anonymous said...


Grace said...

adorable pictures! yay summer and congrats on an awesome year!