Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gemme a break, a little escape

an urban outfitters wish lust gone awry:

*note of excitement: in approximately 20 minutes a cab will arrive to take me to the airport to meet my parents who i haven't seen in months and we will drive up to our family friends' house for thanksgiving festivities. i can't wait.

hope you all have a lovely holiday!


Grace said...

Aw thats so exciting!! Have so much fun and Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, I hope I get what I wished for too!
Also love all the clothes, I want big zippers on everything right now!
Enjoy your break <3

Anonymous said...

wow, wunderful post. i like your header very much. enjoy the trip

Claire said...

so cute! love the white skirt. XoXo :)